Financing Opportunities

The Turkey Sustainable Energy Financing Facility, TurSEFF, is a program developed to provide financing for Sustainable Energy and Resource Efficiency investments in the public and private sectors.

The Facility has been developed by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and has been supported by the European Union (EU) since 2010. TurSEFF utilized € 600 million of funds to finance more than 1,000 sub-projects.


In 2017, a new phase of TurSEFF was launched by the EBRD, expanding the scope to:

  • Water Efficiency, Material Efficiency, and Waste Management investments

  • The public sector, as eligible beneficiaries

  • Apart from loans, leases are also offered

The total amount of the new phase of TurSEFF is € 400 million.


Material Efficiency Finance Beneficiaries

Material Efficiency aims to reduce material consumption in the manufacture of a particular product.

 In this context, any activity of TMM members resulting in material savings can be supported by the program. For more information please click here.

 TurSEFF Material Efficiency finance beneficiaries receive comprehensive technical assistance provided by a team of local and international experts in finance and engineering. This technical assistance is financed by the EU and you will receive this service free of charge.


How it works?

Material Efficiency measures that can be financed under TurSEFF are included in the Technology Selector. The Technology Selector is a list of high-performing technologies and materials that have been assessed and pre-approved as eligible for TurSEFF financial support.

Measures can be supported by the program, provided it meets the pre-defined minimum requirements, which vary depending on the project.


Why now?

  • The main driving forces for Material Efficiency include import dependency in intermediate goods, marginal production cost reduction, increased competitiveness and the reduction of waste.

  • By using raw materials more efficiently, you can reduce costs and environmental impacts.

  •  The TurSEFF program is implemented by a consortium led by Stantec.

  •  Please visit the official website to see which Participating Financial Institutions have already joined the TurSEFF program.