BCSD Turkey became a local organizer of CEC

BCSD Turkey became a local organizer of the London-based Circular Economy Club (CEC), an international non-profit network of over 3,100 circular economy professionals and organizations from over 85 countries. CEC is driven by more than 125 Organizers around the globe and creating/providing series of events and organizations on circular economy.

 CEC aims to create higher impact on a global level; by bringing together a community of circular economy professionals and stakeholders. CEC also provides a strong networking opportunity for circular economy professionals to share their best practices and develop collaboration activities.

In this context, as BCSD Turkey, by joining the CEC network we have been provided with the opportunity to connect professionals around the world and share the circular economy tools and resources with our members.

4-10 March 2019, CEC will present an event CEC Global Screening to screen the "Closing the Loop", the first circular economy documentary, in different cities worldwide.  Recently, Istanbul has been added to the global screening cities as BCSD Turkey has been approved to be a host for this global event.

On this date, in addition to the documentary film screening and as part of the event, we will organize a meeting for our members to interact with circular economy professionals and enthusiasts from different sectors and organizations.

 About "Closing the Loop"

 In support of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the documentary explores five key strategies for achieving circularity – reduce, reuse, recycle, renew and reinvent – by sharing examples from Europe, America and Africa and featuring insights from experts from the likes of the World Economic Forum and the Universities of Cambridge and Harvard.

 Special thanks to the Circular Economy Club for taking us into the family and giving us the opportunity to share this special circular economy event with our members.

More information about the event of CEC Global Screening will be available soon for all TMM members who are considering to participate to our special event.

Please check out the TMM Website and follow our Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts for more information and news about circular economy.


5th Material Transaction is Completed!

Another successful transaction has taken place through TMM’s support to exploring industrial symbiosis opportunities, creating environmental and economic advantages through circular economy.

The transaction between Anako and Arkim was realized through strong networking opportunities and the assistance of TMM. Through the transaction, waste eggshells generated by Anako were re-used in the natural food preservative production process of Arkim.

By installing “eggshell grinding and drying unit” in 2012-2013, high amounts of Anako’s waste eggshells have been diverted from landfill and brought back to the economy. Anako has obtained a new by-product, derived from eggshell, which contains high amounts of calcium carbonate and the antibacterial nature of this ingredient has vast areas of use such as in medicine, food industry and agriculture.

Through the TMM platform, Anako has aimed to reach more producers who may use waste eggshells in their production and has thus successfully partnered with Arkim via the platform.

Arkim has utilized eggshells to produce 100% natural food preservatives while ensuring environmental and economic benefits by creating added value on waste eggshells.

In this context, Arkim has designed an innovative solution based on eggshell powder by boosting its antibacterial/preservation properties as a substitution for chemical substances in food preservatives. As stated by Arkim, they will go proceed in the production of Natural Preservatives from Eggshells and continue their collaboration with Anako via TMM.

You can get involved

You may add your waste materials to the TMM Platform, and gain economic benefits

If you are a licensed waste company, you can take a look at the materials on the platform

If you are not a member yet, please contact us for more information on the advantages of TMM membership.


Established in 2006, Anako has produced pasteurized liquid eggs since 2010. Anako is utilizing advanced technology in producing pasteurized liquid eggs considering the importance of food security, hygiene, health, efficiency and ease of use, offering best use for industrial kitchens and by industrial-scale egg users.


Arkim Chemical Substances established in 2011 by receiving financial support of The Ministry of Science, Industry, and Technology to promote “Natural Antibacterial from Eggshell Extract Project”. Within the scope of the project, they developed a new range of food preservatives solution called “ArCa Natural Antibacterial” by using eggshell powder as a substitution for the currently used chemicals such as potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate, and natamycin. Arkim is the first company in the world that produces patented 100 % natural food preservatives.

Materials Marketplace Team is Growing !

TMM, a circular economy project, established by BCSD Turkey in collaboration with EBRD in April 2016 to facilitate cross-industry materials reuse among Turkish companies, continues to grow with its 60 members.

Within the scope of TMM Project, possibilities of using waste, formed by member companies, as alternative raw materials in different industries are being investigated and technical consultancy and networking services are being provided by BCSD Turkey, free of charge.

The TMM Project is currently carried out by BCSD Turkey Executive Director Konca Çalkıvik, BCSD Turkey Manager Münevver Işıl Demir Bayhan, BCSD Turkey Specialist Simla Akbulut and BCSD Turkey External Relations Officer Mert Güller.

The momentum gained with Ferda Ulutaş İşevi’s inclusion to the team as technical consultant is expected to continue with Environmental Engineer Melis Cengizhan’s participation to the TMM team in October.

Our new TMM Project Specialist, Melis Cengizhan, is now working on developing the TMM member relations and carrying out studies for utilizing the waste generated by the member companies as alternative raw materials in other companies.

With Melis, our corporate capacity in providing technical consultancy support to TMM member companies has increased. We would like to welcome Melis and remind you all that from now on any inquiries on TMM could be directed to melisc@skdturkiye.org.

The Winners of The Circular Vouchers Announced !

EBRD launched The Circular Vouchers at the 3rd Turkey Materials Marketplace (TMM) Network Meeting in June 2018, in order to support TMM members’ materials exchange transactions and their projects for transition to circular economy.

The Circular Vouchers grant program for TMM members was announced in June 2018 and the applications ended on August 31, 2018.

Following careful evaluations by EBRD and TMM teams, 8 TMM members have been chosen as recipients of The Circular Vouchers and will be awarded with 90- 100% technical grants.

With The Circular Vouchers, TMM member companies will be supported by receiving a total of nearly € 200,000 technical support for developing their material exchanges transactions.

BCSD TURKEY, as a major player in Turkey’s transition to circular economy, would like to congratulate all the winners and wish them success.

More details about awarded projects will be presented by the companies during the 4th TMM Network Meeting in January 2019.

What is The Circular Vouchers?

Circular Vouchers are grants that help the companies purchasing a consultancy service focusing on assessing the feasibility of material exchanges opportunities.

The call for the applications of the new round will be available shortly for all TMM members who are considering to apply.

For more information about The Circular Vouchers please check out the TMM Website and please follow our Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter accounts for any updates and current news about the TMM project and Circular Economy.

The 3rd and 4th waste transactions are completed

TMM has achieved another two success in supporting the process of exploring industrial symbiosis opportunities, creating environmental outcomes through circular economy and also improving the economic added value of companies.

The 3th transaction between Rönesans Holding and Exitcom marked the recycling of 340 kg electronic and hazardous waste generated from Vakıf GYO Construction Project Site.

Waste Types and Recovery Rates

  • Waste air conditioners were collected by MOTAT (National Waste Tracking System). Air conditioners are considered to be hazardous due to the CFC Gas and Oil they contain. Following the extraction of CFC gas and oil the air conditioner parts are broken into pieces such as plastic, metal and cable within the dissambling unit. The recovering rate of air conditioning/cooling devices is 97%. The total weight of waste air conditioners in this transaction is 260kg.

  •  IT waste, cables and printers are considered to be non-hazardous waste and weigh 15 kg. The recovery rate for non-hazardous electronic waste is 100%. The rate for cable recovery is 95%.

  • 1 washing machine was collected within the non-hazardous waste category. The total weight was 65kg with 100% recovery rate.

 Through the 4th transaction, a fair amount of electronic waste of Anadolu Etap were donated to Exitcom as part of the social responsibility project “Bir dileğe dönüşsün” which is initiated for children with leukemia.

Totally 139 kg of electronics, fluorescent were sent to Exitcom and successfully recycled.

With these two transactions which has taken place through TMM’s support, environmental problems caused by waste are prevented through duly treatment of hazardous and electronic waste carried out by an authorized recycling company.

You can get involved

   You may add your waste materials to the TMM Platform, and gain economic benefits

   If you are a licenced waste company, you can take a look at the materials on the platform

   If you are not a member yet, please contact us for more information on the advantages of TMM membership.


Established in 1993 , Ronesans Holding furnished services as the main contractor and investor in more than 20 countries throughout the world.

Operating in such fields as construction, real estate development, energy and health, the Holding is the 36th largest international contracting company of the world and the 9th largest contractor of Europe. 

Rönesans Holding’s size of assets climbed to 8,1 billion USD at the end of 2017 with a global turnover amounting to 4,2 billion USD at the end of 2017. 


Anadolu Etap started investing in plantation in order to meet the demand of high-quality raw material for fruit juice concentrate production and also the demand in fresh fruit industry. Anadolu Etap, which was established in cooperation with Anadolu Group, Özgörkey Holding and Brazil-based Cutrale Group, is carrying on its activities with the strategy of being Turkey’s leading fruit juice producing and fresh fruit growing companies.

 Anadolu Etap extended fresh fruit operations with Turkey’s first fruit brand “Doal”. As the biggest fruit growth project of Turkey Anadolu Etap is the first company to publish the Sustainable Agriculture Principles and have both Global G.A.P and Best Agriculture Practices Certificates.


Exitcom is the first and only company in Turkey provide services in the field of recovery of light/fluorescent, cartridge/toner and battery. Exitcom has an integrated facility that can treats WEEE Groups and also provides data destruction and archive destruction services to its customers in order to facilitate the management of electronic wastes and reduce the risk that may arise.


3rd Network Meeting was held in June!

3rd Network Meeting was held in June!

The 3rd Network Meeting realized on the 1st of June, played a significant role in extending TMM’s sphere of influence since the scope of both audience and event program was enlarged with entrepreneurs, SMEs and authorized institutions. Also, this event hosted the launch of EBRD’s Circular Voucher Scheme through which the number of member companies and the synergies are expected to increase in the near future.